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 Courtesy: Joel Smith Photography

Courtesy: Joel Smith Photography

In joining Niagara Cheerleading, you are also choosing a recognized and respected program in the Niagara region! Niagara Cheerleading’s long term partnerships with the Niagara Spears Football Club (10 years) and the Niagara Ice Dogs (6 years) allow your child to experience being part of great community organizations.

Niagara Cheerleading has also been aN 8 year partner with the YMCA Day Camps. Niagara Cheerleading’s involvement with the YMCA allows for encouragement of all the YMCA values – Focussing on  inclusiveness, respect, responsibility and leadership – throughout all of our programs.

We inspire and motivate our athletes to be their personal best in cheerleading and in life. Through their accomplishments, athletes learn and understand the value and strength gained from hard work, perseverance and teamwork!


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We are the highest quality cheerleading program in Niagara, here’s why!

Niagara Cheerleading is about more than cheerleading! Though we are successful in competition and out athletes reap the rewards of winning, our programs aim to develop the full child and not just their athletic abilities.

From the moment you enter our doors, you become a member of our pink and black family. Our athletes are supported and encouraged in a positive environment which fosters their emotional development.

Through our available academic classes and tutoring, your athlete can receive help with homework and also develop their work and study habits.

With opportunities to work with younger athletes while becoming a junior coach, to being involved in community and charity work with a focus on “giving back”, we aim to encourage independence, compassion and commitment among our athletes.

We’ve put together the best of the best in a program that leaves our athletes sweating, smiling and learning… and while having the time of their lives!

Our programs are designed to foster not only just the physical development of your child but their emotional and academic development as well! Your child will become more self-confident, motivated and love to be a part of a program that challenges them and leads them to succeed in ALL areas of their lives.

At Niagara Cheerleading, your investment is our passion! We understand the level of investment and commitment that is made by our athletes and their families. We recognize that you deserve a quality program that exceeds your expectation of professionalism and excellence.

Communication is a large part of what makes our organization successful, and we take pride in the effort we put forth. We are committed to making sure you are having a great experience!

That means you can expect an organized, well run experience for your family! We know how valuable good communication and planning is! We want your child to be part of something GREAT!

We are confident that once you see our facility, meet our amazing girl-power staff, you will KNOW that you have found what you are looking for! A cheerleading experience that builds a stronger, better person from the inside, out!

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